Chapman Law Group Staff Headshots and Branding | Sarasota, FL | Sarasota Headshot Photographer

I was excited when Ephrem, the marketing manager at the Chapman Law Group in Sarasota contacted me. Working with groups of people on location at their place of work is one of my favorite things to do. Unlike the studio environment, people tend to be a bit more comfortable in their own normal surroundings. The Chapman Law Group did not disappointment in being agreeable subjects. We joked around some, and I enjoyed my time with them. They hired me for my Sarasota staff headshot photography services, but we also did some staged interactive working shots. It looks like serious business, but we laughed the whole time, and everything went really smoothly. There were a few instances when one of the attorneys had to step back into a meeting or away for an important phone call, but that comes with the territory in corporate photography. Lastly I want to mention how much I appreciated the Chapman Law Group trusting my photography expertise. Originally they wanted to do their staff group photograph inside, but I twisted their arm a bit. With minimal grumbling, I was able to convince all of the attorneys to step out into the Florida summer heat for a couple quick shots outdoors by some  foliage. The results speak for themselves. Thanks for being such a cooperative and agreeable group. I hope to work with them, and other law firms in the future. If your Sarasota, St. Petersburg, or Tampa law firm, office, or other type of business needs their staff headshots updated, please reach out and I would be happy to talk about the best way to do that. 

Creative Designer Marketing Headshots | Sarasota, FL | Sarasota Headshot Photographer

Since moving to Sarasota, Florida I have gotten the chance to photograph many interesting people from all different walks of life and careers. This session was with my friend Ciera who is a graphic designer and illustrator. Ciera and her husband Jesse have become two of my favorite people to hang out with down here in sunny Sarasota, and it was fun to have her as a subject when working as a Sarasota Headshot Photographer. We spent some time at the Tangerine Salon in Sarasota as I was also doing some marketing shots for them as well. All around it was a great day getting to work with someone who I consider a close friend, and peer in creative endeavors. Thanks Ciera! If you would like to see some more of her work you can check it out on her page "Pop Designs!" Stay tuned for more from Tangerine Salon and other local businesses!

Loan Consultant Headshot | Tampa, FL | Sarasota Headshot Photographer

Jennifer is a Tampa Loan Consultant who contacted me about a month ago, looking to update her headshot. We spoke on the phone and set up plans for me to come to her house. Although I am mainly a Sarasota Headshot Photographer, I am willing to travel up to Tampa too! Our session took about 30 minutes including an outfit/makeup change. Like most people, Jennifer was a little hesitant in front of the camera at first, and it had been quite a bit of time since her last professional Tampa headshot was taken. It ended up being easy and she loves her images! Most people tell me it has been between 5-10 years. Everyone should be updating their headshots every year! After we were done I headed to the Ritz in Ybor to see a COIN concert with my family! Thanks Jennifer!

Benchmark International Business Headshots | Tampa, FL | Sarasota Headshot Photographer

Benchmark International was referred to me by Tara Tomlinson's Photography. I am not going to pretend to know the first thing about finance or what Benchmark International actually does, but they were the ideal corporate client for me. Diverse, friendly, and open minded. I spent the day at their Tampa office doing both environmental (coming soon to the blog!) shots of their team at work, and of course a set of professional Tampa business headshots for each of their team members on display here. The staff at Benchmark International treated me great, and I was even able to share a quick pizza lunch with them too. It's always a terrific feeling when you're able to take what is usually something perceived as mundane, and turn it into a fun day. This always results in better pictures too. If you need Tampa business headshots or Sarasota business headshots, please reach out to us using our contact form. We are happy to accommodate any group size! 

Technical details for photographers:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV
Lens: Canon 70-100 f/2.8L IS II
Lighting: Godox AD600 with Phottix Spartan BD/Softbox